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Institute of Social Work and Welfare

szerzõ: IGYK

The Institute of Social Work and Welfare in the training of social workers has successfully demonstrated its indispensable role in the training of social workers. Social workers who graduated from our institute among the first in Szekszárd in 1989 are pursuing their careers in the social sphere all over the county, the region, as well as in different parts of Europe.

During the whole time of training our accomplished staff strives to provide our students with up to date knowledge and skills marketable in different parts and positions of the social sector. The BA training consists of seven semesters. During this time trainees can choose from different complex modules e.g. child-and senior welfare, social services, social information services, social administration, judicial social work, mental hygiene, complex rehabilitation, sustainable social work. Positive feedback from practical training fields (family support centre, senior home, drug ambulatory clinic, councilor and parole supervision services, civil and public services) justifies the efficiency of our theoretical training.

Our colleagues have a long tradition of maintaining good connections with both national and international professional bodies. They successfully take an active part in European and domestic grant application processes. They apply for grants as writers of educational material, experts of professional bodies, thus enriching their academic portfolio. The institute has published seven proceedings in the last years under the title Szekszárd Social Workshop Essays

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