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Gyorslinkek (karok, egységek)
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Institute of Education

szerzõ: IGYK

The history of training of teachers in Tolna County goes back to more than 200 years. Our aim is to cherish the tradition of the institute awarded "The Hungarian Legacy" while renewing and modernizing the training and maintaining high quality standards.

Starting from 1984, the year of the introduction of kindergarten teacher training we are proud to call ourselves the successors of the first Hungarian kindergarten teacher training institute. The Institute of Education established in 2002 is engaged in a wide scale of activities from professional vocational training to bachelor and master training, thus becoming one of the most significant training fields of the Faculty. Besides the colorful academic specialization offered to students of kindergarten and lower primary school teachers from 1985 training of kindergarten teachers of German nationality group was launched second in the country, which was followed by the introduction of a similar programme offered to students of lower primary school teachers of German nationality groups. In 2008 we added two more programmes, namely environmental studies and infant and early age education to the existing academic fields. Following the excellent tradition of teacher education in close co-operation with the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Pecs we successfully launched the MA training programme of educators of early age in 2009.

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